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Here’s How to Keep Your Silver Jewelry Tarnish Free

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While for some silver jewelry is a beautiful piece of ornament, for others it may hold some sentimental value. It could be an heirloom, a loved gift, or an all-encompassing expression of fashion, style and confidence. 

Caring For Your Silver

Today, silver is a metal of prestige used in ornaments. It is a symbol of style. When combined strategically with outfits, it has the power to transform your overall look. However, if not cared for well, it tarnish. How are you caring for this exquisite piece of metal? Helena Iki offers some guidance. Just follow these tips:

1.Clean Regularly After Wear

While wearing your sterling silver bracelet or chain, body oils and lotions may build up on its surface. It is important that you clean it regularly to avoid staining. Clean and polish it with a very soft cloth to maintain its shine. Be careful not to use harsh materials – including tissues – since they may cause additional scratches.

2.Remove Right after Usage

Most often, in haste, we may forget to take off our silver after returning from a social engagement. You wear it while you’re cleaning, bathing, swimming and so on. It is important to note that chemicals in soap and other cleaning agents can cause a film to form on your ornament, dulling it over time. In order to prevent this, immediately take off all silver jewelry after an occasion.

3.Avoid Exposure to Certain Factors

Rubber, chlorinated water, sulfur-laden substances such as mayonnaise, eggs, mustard, onions, latex, wool can and will cause tarnish to your silver. So it might be a good idea to remove your sterling silver rings, chains and bracelets when performing house chores. Also, don’t spray your perfumes and body mists right over your jewelry. They are the worst kind of nemesis that accelerates the tarnish process.

4.The Best Prevention Lies in Storage

And finally, let’s talk about storage. Simply put, the moisture in the climate does impact tarnish rate. While this highly depends on the jewelry manufacturer, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Store your silver in a cool, dry place. Your best chance? Ziploc bags! They’re life savers, or rather, jewelry savers! Placing them in individual Ziploc bags will keep them scratch-free and tarnish-free. For your bigger chunkier necklaces, use an anti-tarnish strip.

The sterling silver developed by Helena Iki is especially designed to ensure that your jewelry remain flawless! Are you ready to style up? Check out our collection of sterling silver handmade jewelry online!

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